From The Discovery Of Coffee To The Millennium

We will begin by saying that from the very first sips until the present day, there has been a great improvement in the preparation of the precious bean.

As the ultimate POD of today, we don’t know what the future will bring.

It is said that it was a shepherd, called Kaldi, many centuries ago who discovered the use of the coffee bean, in the Kaffa region of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and probably referring to its place of discovery, the seed was named “coffee”.

This shepherd noted that some of his goats, after feeding on an evergreen bush with reddish berries, they were taken by a sense of euphoria and they became active and vivacious. This happened on several occasions and he decided to try these berries for himself. The berries in their raw stage were hard and could not be chewed so he decided to roast them to make them edible. He then crushed the roasted seeds into powder and poured boiling water to make a tasty drink, which seemed to make him more alert.

As people experimented with the beans, the coffee grains were used to brew the delicious and sustaining beverage now consumed all over the world.

Coffee houses were established in the 16th century in Venice, London and Paris. They became places of political, social literary and business life.

Coffee certainly brought a revolution in man’s dietary habits not only because of its delicious flavor, but as well, because of its stimulating and invigorating effects.

The primitive methods of producing a coffee beverage by infusion has now evolved to the modern process of hydro compression, which produces a good, aromatic cup of coffee when compiled with a good blend of coffee.
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