Magister Series Delta ES Call For Pricing

  • Description

    The name of Magister coffee machines makes close reference to the car industry in Italy. Italy has always been world renowned for it high levels of technological development in mechanics, being an European leader and representing a cornerstone in the perfect combination of design, mechanics and technology.

    The F2006 HP took its name from the legendary prize-winning Ferrari, as a symbol of the best possible match of technology, electronics, mechanics and design.

    Delta was inspired by famous Lancia cars, being symbols of performance and style with a sporty flavour.

    Stilo took inspiration from a FIAT car, standing for a medium level yet reliable and performing product.”

    “In 2017/18 the new model Delta was developed: Delta was designed by a technical team with extensive experience and a major Italian designer in this business with a renowned history with coffee machines, and represents an elegant integration of style, performance, tradition and rationality, being one of the very first machines in the market with an OLED display. It also comes in a “Ferrari red” version. By the way, our technicians developed and tested new technological and mechanical solutions, and get the best out of the coffee machines they designed, on the same path of the Italian car manufacturers.

  • Technical Specifications

    -Automatic machine with volumetric dosage.
    -Body in stainless steel
    -Moulded side panels polyurethane with stainless steel frame
    -Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
    -Coffee brewing with volumetric dosage (4 doses on each group, continuous brewing button)
    -Hot water delivery with time setting
    -Self-learning doses programming
    -Water mixer
    -Two steam wands in stainless steel with rubber grip and cool touch Teflon insert
    -Stainless steel hot water dispenser
    -Porta-filters with Magister OEM handles with cool touch grip
    -White LED back-lit six key touch panels with personalized Magister graphics
    -LED indicators
    -LED lights on the working area
    -Electronic boiler temperature control adjustable through the touch pad
    -Switching power unit stabilizing voltage fluctuations
    -Electronic pre-infusion which can be switched off through the panels
    -Boiler level control and self-engaging heating element
    -2 and 3 groups machines in three sizes: standard, “Tall-Cup” and High Group

  • Optional Accessories Upon Request

    -Electronic cup warmer
    -Milk warmer/frother – temperature-controlled steam wand “EPS”
    -Luxury version with mirror-polished side panels and chrome feet

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