NUVOLA Call For Pricing

  • NUVOLA is a coffee machine with an innovative design and exclusive color range. It's a pleasure to see it at work in every working environment.

    NUVOLA is the novelty in the Vending Line with the steam dispensing feature for heating water, milk or other beverages at any time. The pod is fitted, the lever is turned to the right and the coffee is dispensed: the boiling water flows from the top to the bottom through the pod holder and therefore through the pod positioned in the center so that the coffee flows through the nozzle into the coffee cup.

  • Water Tank (lt)
    Weight (kg) – 10
    Power Consumption (W) – 550
    Electrical Supply (V) – 110
    Height (mm) – 310
    Depth (mm) – 350
    Width (mm) – 230


    • Built-in water purifier
    • Brass heat exchanging system
    • Self-contained steam system
    • Hot water dispenser
    • Plate-based cup warmer

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