There is so much to be said about coffee. Even though I do not have a doctoral degree in chemistry or botany, through my natural ability I have successfully developed a good blend of coffee (which I leave to the clientele to judge whether or not this is true). There have been, there are, and will be others who will produce and give information about coffee, but I hope that this will be done with lots of love and not simply as a business or as an academic exercise on the subject.

Barzula began its love affair with coffee in June 1964 from a small location in downtown Toronto (Canada). The great response to our coffee blend from all Ethnic groups made advertising unnecessary, since the news spread by word of mouth; besides, good coffee is good coffee, whether you are blending it for Eastern European, French, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin or North American palates.

To guarantee quality control during our many trips we have established a continuing relationship with green coffee producers in Africa “The Cradle of Moka Arabica Coffee”, Mexico, Central and South America, where the green coffee to blend our Barzula Miscela is chosen.